Back-end Engineer at Keymantics

Florent YOUINOU : Back-end Engineer at Keymantics. 25yo

My skills & offer

I am a full-stack web developer and currently Back-end Engineer at Keymantics.

My current toolset includes NodeJS, Go, React, Redux, VueJS, Firebase, Docker, Electron, AWS Services and Prestashop Integration

Back-end Web development

With a particular interest for the whole JS stack, I also work with PHP (not so much anymore) and Golang.

I like to build small projects running on differents technologies. As so, I can easily compare the simplicity and performance and quickly know what to use for a real project.

What I can do is:

  • bootstraping a RESTful and secure API
  • working with third party APIs
  • using different types of databases (like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis)
  • embedding a project inside multiple docker container
  • writing unit and integration tests

Front-end Web development

I am specialised in one-way data flow applications like ReactJS and VueJS.

My current experience and skills in front-end include bootstraping an app architecture or full integration of front-end development. Using technologies like automatic code reload, code minifications, multiple environments support.

I've also worked on some projects running on browser extension and menubar extension.


  1. dethi/meetin

    Setup an inter-company network based on events. A smart way to organize after-work events in your startup! 🍺 🏀

    Stack: NodeJS, Firebase, MongoDB, React/Redux

  2. dethi/guereza

    Guereza is a small example of distributed application design that uses multiple patterns (DDD, AOP, EventBus, Event Sourcing, CQRS)

    Stack: Java, Netty

  3. T4ze/420px

    School project. Upload or edit your picture and explore all users galleries online

    Stack: PHP7, MySQL, ImageMagick, ES6

  4. T4ze/TakeMeHome

    Electron MenuBar application that allow you to find your way to home where ever you are.

    Stack: JavaScript, Electron, Navitia API